Organ meats? I’ll take the apple please…

I’ll preface this by saying that I do not oppose any individuals mentioned in this post, and that I am responsible for any of the choices I made, regardless of whether they were positive or negative.

I’ve suffered from severe depression my entire life. It’s a burden I have bared despite seeking many counsellors, trying medication and having done every damn fad treatment on the market. It’s not something I’m proud of, but over time you learn to live with and manage these things. Around the time when my depression was worst, I started following Jordan Peterson, and found his insight on the human psyche to be cathartic and enjoyed his discussions that based around social justice. I found acceptance in his community and was excited to hear that he would be doing an interview with Joe Rogan earlier on in the year.

He mentioned how he had started eating a full carnivore diet, and that is had completely changed his life by curing him of his depression, anxiety and making him feel healthier than ever. As someone who has a crappy diet anyway I thought, fuck it.

The first thing they don’t tell you is about the shits. 1 week in to eating pretty much solely braised chicken breast and rice, I spent at least 10 minutes each day just waiting for some sort of bowel movement. It was excruciating. Then my sleep started to become disrupted, I would wake up in the night feeling nauseous and have to go to the bathroom for some sort of reprise.

I mentioned this to other people trying the diet on Reddit, and some mentioned that I try eating organ meats, which I did for the second week. The taste by itself was repugnant, but the after effects of feeling lethargic after meals, waking at strange times in the night, and that constant ‘heaviness’, just made me wonder if the whole thing was a joke.

I kept going though, eating purely meat and a little cheese, just hoping that after some sort of adaption phase I would be feeling dandy and fine. After 1 month I still felt like crap.

That was about a week ago. Sure, I only tried the diet for a month, but the thing damn near killed me. I still feel like shit now, even if I’m back to eating normal food.

Who would have thought there would be something so terrible about eating a fucking carrot? Or some bread? Honestly, that first peanut butter jelly sandwich after switching was near enough heaven.

Who knows if this thing works? All I know is that I’m still depressed, but at least I can go to the god damn toilet.