Fake Testimonials

The following is a fake testimonial I made on the meatheals.com website. We will see if it gets published. If it does, this will prove conclusively that the testimonials on meatheals.com are no more believable or authenticated than the ones on meatharms.com

My name is Tom. I have been on a 100% vegan diet for about 15 years. I’ve followed the teachings of the likes of Dr. McDougall, Dr. Barnard, and more recently, Dr. Greger, for quite some time. I’ve always been careful to insure I get the right omega 3 to omega 6 ratios, eat leafy greens rich in iron, take multivitamins for adequate iodine and other important nutrients, and exercise regularly. I’ve always thought I was in great shape. Like many vegans, I wanted to go on a plant based diet because I was convinced that it was the most ethical thing to do; for the animals, the planet, and for human health. It wasn’t until the last 2 years that I realized that I was wrong, at least regarding the latter part. My health had been deteriorating for some time, but slowly. I presumed this was just because I was getting older. I’m 45 now and thought the achy joints and irritable bowels that had become a more frequent occurrence were perfectly normal with older age. But about 2 years ago my symptoms began to worsen far more rapidly than before. I started to become lethargic, some days not even willing to get out of bed. I became irritable and angry (I’ve always been an easy going guy). I started to get skin rashes and terrible acne. Eventually, I became terribly depressed. There were days where I was nearly inconsolable with grief for no reason other than a persisting feeling of existential dread. At first I had nasty diarrhea but eventually, I developed severe constipation for the first time in my life which lead to painful hemorrhoids by struggling to go the bathroom. My depression caused me to stop exercising, and as a result I gained weight, and my blood pressure not surprisingly went up. My joints became more and more inflamed and the pain worsened almost daily. My partner became deeply concerned and insisted I go to my primary care physician for some tests. The doctor determined I had SIBO and recommended I go on an elemental diet and take some antibiotics. I tried the elemental diet, and felt better for a few weeks. But as soon as I returned to my normal diet, the problems returned. The doctor explained I need to avoid foods rich in fodmaps. I did some research and realized most of what I eat has fodmaps! How could I live like this? I kept researching for others who have had similar issues and came across a forum discussing the carnivore diet. (I wish I could remember the website, but this was months ago). I couldn’t believe my poor health may be the result of my vegan diet. I did everything right. I ate whole foods. Limited my refined oils and avoided ones with a poor fatty acid profile. I ate plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Got enough protein from legumes, nuts, and seeds. I even used cronometer to insure I was getting proper nutritional adequacy. But, alas, my diet was indeed the culprit. I became certain of this after my partner convinced me to try the carnivore diet. I gave in, very reluctantly. Being vegan was such a huge part of my identity and causing harm to animals was such a detestable thought. My partner begged me to try it. In my desperation, after a particularly bad case of depression, I finally gave in. After a week, some of my symptoms were gone, but I still had severe digestion issues. My partner made me commit to try the diet for at least a month. If it didn’t work, we’d go back to the doctor and see what other options were available. I reluctantly agreed and suffered through the diet for another 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I couldn’t believe it, but all my symptoms were nearly gone. Digestion, good. Skin, clear. Joints, pain free. Depression, in the past. It really was like a miracle. I was finally awake to the reality of a vegan diet long term, at least for me. I had been gambling with my life because of a childish notion of morality. Thank God for my partner waking me out of my indoctrination. I’ve now been on the carnivore diet for 6 months. I’m working out again and I have the energy levels I did when I was a 25 year old. I feel like a new man. Oh, and a huge bonus is that my sexual vitality is better than ever! I’ll never go back to a plant based diet. I make sure to source all my meat from farms I’ve personally visited to see how the animals are raised. It sucks that humans were designed to consume other animals, but that’s the way it is. We can’t allow our health to decline because we feel bad for animals. I hope my story helps others to wake up from the indoctrination of veganism and the reality that meat really does heal. #meatheals

Meat Heals?

There are plenty of people claiming that an all meat diet has had a miraculous effect on their health. But is it the meat that has made them healthy? Does meat heal? Consider me skeptical. The large majority of scientific literature seems to condemn meat, particularly red meat, as a dietary staple of concern. It is often associated with coronary heart disease, cancer, and a myriad of other maladies. Further, meat isn’t consider healthy for the environment. It is a resource intense product that contributes a significant amount of methane to overall green house gas emissions.

Why are so many claiming Meat Heals?

The probability of meat having some magical healing property is pretty low. This becomes clear when you look at the Blue Zones, the 5 regions around the planet with the greatest overall longevity. The Blue Zones have many things in common, including a tendency for greater consumption of vegetables and fruits, and a lower consumption of, you guessed it, meat. Nonetheless, there are many people claiming a meat only diet has miraculously returned them to good health. How is this possible? There are a few explanations. First, the restrictive nature of a meat only diet may be the result of people defaulting to a calorie restriction diet, which has been associated with having benefits for several bio markers. Second, an extreme elimination diet may remove an offending food item that was the cause of poor health. However, this does not mean the meat healed anything and the underlying cause of poor health may still be present. Third, people may have either a ideological or monetary incentive to make these stories up. I am not claiming all of these stories are made up. However, it is not beyond reason that people from within the meat industries are motivated to promote stories extolling the benefits of meat as a counter effort to the growing body of evidence that meat, in fact, does not heal, but harms.

Is claiming “meat heals” dangerous?

Yes. Given the preponderance of literature suggesting that meat is a food item associated with a variety of health risk factors, and the paucity of literature suggesting it’s magical health benefits, claiming that “meat heals” on anecdotal evidence alone may be setting people up for long term health disasters. This is why it is so important that people be wary when following the advice and anecdotes of health gurus, fitness experts, online personalities, or anonymous strangers who may be misrepresenting their claims or may have ulterior motives. Always consult a medical professional before attempting a radical change in your diet. It is incredibly unlikely that meat heals.

Best of luck in your health journey,

       The MeatHarms.com Team