Glad I gave up meat again

I am thankful for this site. I was vegan until I hit 36 but felt my health was suffering so I started eating meat again.

What a big mistake. I soon slipped away from all the healthy plant-based foods & started eating more meat. Then I discovered the carnivore trend on twitter and decided it might make me feel better so I gave up all plant foods.

Pretty soon I was so blocked up. Meat rots in your colon and there was no bulk to pass at all. I was so constipated that I had to be hospitalised and given special laxatives.

Now I am back vegan again and thankfully go to the toilet twice a day like I used to. Sometimes its a bit loose and some folks would call that irritable bowel syndrome but compared with constipation from all meat, I’d prefer it any day.

Now I am worried I have done irreparable harm from all the protein I have eaten. I hope I don’t get cancer or diabetes now because we all know its been proven in hundreds of scientific trials that meat causes both of those 100% for sure.

I’m now not going to take any B12 supplements any more too because I’ve found out vegans don’t need them at all. We get plenty of all we need from plants, well water and the small amounts of dirt on healthy organic vegetables. Yum!

I’m really looking forward to a vegan future again because vegan is the way for hundreds of reasons.

I had no choice.

Hi my name is Shawn …. i am a Carniholic  

Its been a while since I last ate some veg. 

My problems started when I lived in New Mexico. I’d been eating a lot of meat. A steak here a burger there. I thought it was ok. Everyone was doing it. Didn’t think it was a big deal. Soon the steak at dinner became the steak at breakfast. I still thought I was ok. Sure some people thought I was eating too much meat, but I didn’t listen. I now know this was the beginning of my addiction. If only someone had tried to help me at the time, things could have been so different. Soon I was dunking steak in my coffee. Brushing my teeth with dripping. I even ate steak sandwiches, two steaks with a steak in between. 

It was affecting my work. I was  making  mistakes, all I could think about was meat. I used to keep some offal by the bed, just in case I woke up and needed a snack. 

Around this time I lost my job. I used to be a doctor. I had to surrender my licence or be struck off. Did I care? Not at the time, as long as I had some meat close by I was happy. 

After a few weeks of being unemployed I started to panic. How was I going to buy more meat?

I had reached rock bottom. I needed a plan. I thought if I could convince other people to eat as much meat as I did, perhaps I could make some money from it so I would never have to go Offal free at bedtime again. 

I decided to use my MD title to give myself some credibility despite being deemed incompetent to practise medicine. After all Id seen many other disgraced doctors get rich by starting food fads that killed people. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I came up with the slogans “carnivore” and “meat heals”. 

People lapped it up. I became a celebrity. Pictures of me everywhere with pieces of meat in my hands, in my mouth it was like a dream come true. My addiction was at its worst. But I didn’t care. I was the man that people wanted to be like. 

One morning I woke up and found a tooth on my pillow. Thought nothing of it. Just ate an extra steak as I was convinced lack of meat had made it happen. Then my hair started going dry and falling out. Again I just ate more meat. The warning signs were there but I wasn’t listening. After I lost 6 teeth in as many days including my canines, I thought maybe I should see a dentist. He immediately referred me to a specialist. I had scurvy. I couldn’t share this with my fellow carnivores so I kept it quiet  bought some dentures and carried on as normal. The specialist must have been a vegan, I told myself.

I just ate mince from then on as it was easier to chew. 

Then something happened that made me really question my diet. I had a blood test. I was diabetic and my testosterone levels were as low as those of a 90 year old man. This was a wake up call. I’d always thought eating lots of meat made me more manly. I did my best to brush of the results publicly but this time there were too many questions. People had started asking about my MD status, my blood work, my receding hairline. It felt like the walls were caving in. 

I had to do something so I started lashing out. I started a rumour that my licence was being reinstated, started attacking those eating healthy diets, all the time the results of my blood work were filling my thoughts like a cold mist. 

Ive started cheating, I’m now eating fruit and veg, nobody knows. I feel better, so much better. The more veg I eat the better I feel. But I can’t tell anyone. I have a book to sell. I really have no choice but to carry on pretending. It’s eating me up inside and I’m sorry for encouraging others to do the same as I did. 

If you are reading this and thinking of going carnivore, don’t do it. I’ve lost all of my teeth, my hair and sincerely wish I’d never been introduced to meat. It’s wrecked my life. Don’t let it wreck yours  

A big mis-steak

Having been brought up in the 70’s by a family ‘funded by dairy’ I was always being told to eat my ‘meat and two veg’, by the time I was 18 I was 280 lbs.

In my 20’s I decided that two veg was too much, and decided to eat meat in equal portions to all plant food, and eventually 2:1 the other way, having burgers with a bread ‘patty’ and beef burger buns.

By 1985 I had completely ruled out all carbs, fruits and vegetables, and adopted a ‘carnivore’ diet consisting entirely of pre-packaged and sliced, farmed animals, that I had ‘hunted’ myself that day from the grocery store.

In 1989 I was pronounced clinically dead. Doctors were at first unable to determine my cause of death but it was assumed to be either from coronary  heart disease or as a result of not passing a turd for over 4 years.

I immediately decided to adopt a plant based diet, and have since recovered, ive lost 90 lbs, (as pictured) I’m now 30 years old and enjoying my life again, but I cannot warn people enough about the dangers of a meat based diet. 

Finally seeing a light

My experience of the carnivore diet was nothing short of terrible. I gained 30 lbs over 4 months and my blood work compared to previous was shocking. My total cholesterol shot from 160 to 207 and fasting blood glucose went from 103 to 125! However what really scared me most was the effect it had on my renal function; my GFR went from 105 to 72 and I had not even gained any muscle. Importantly, I can’t forget to mention my systolic blood pressure (done at home relaxed with my monitor) went from 114 to 145! I am so grateful that I saw my physician when I did and even if these numbers don’t seem that bad, please take into account that it was only 16 weeks and imagine what the effect would have been had I stayed on it as a 46 year old man! I have been off the diet for three months now and after a recent test my numbers have more or less (not quite) returned to baseline; I have dropped 20 lbs of the weight I gained with the same activity level and I am so grateful to be able to feel like a normal person again!

I am not a Caveman

If your buddies tell you to go keto, paleo, or carnivore, be careful!

A while back, I started feeling sluggish, and I was getting pretty fat. So, I asked my friends for some advice. They told me to eat like a caveman, and I did that. I felt reasonably better for a month or so! But it still wasn’t great. Then I moved to the carnivore diet. That’s right folks, nothing but all meat, all the time. Does that sound crazy to you? Well, that’s because it is.

Sure, I lost a few pounds, but there was a price to pay, let me tell you. First of all, I couldn’t have a bm to save my life. Secondly, my breath smelled like roadkill, not to mention the other smells that I emitted. I went to my doc for some heart palpitations I was having, and he ran some labs. He told me I was knocking on heaven’s door! My cholesterol was through the dang roof, I had diabeetus, and my granny had higher testosterone than me! Turns out that any time you cut out junk food, you’ll feel a little better. It’s what you replace it with that’s even more important.

Well, long story short, I went on a whole food plant based diet, and I’m a changed man. My blood results are great, and I feel great! Not only do I feel good physically, but it’s nice to know I’m hurting any critters anymore.

Ditch the meat, ditch animal products, and save yourself! Meat harms!

Organ meats? I’ll take the apple please…

I’ll preface this by saying that I do not oppose any individuals mentioned in this post, and that I am responsible for any of the choices I made, regardless of whether they were positive or negative.

I’ve suffered from severe depression my entire life. It’s a burden I have bared despite seeking many counsellors, trying medication and having done every damn fad treatment on the market. It’s not something I’m proud of, but over time you learn to live with and manage these things. Around the time when my depression was worst, I started following Jordan Peterson, and found his insight on the human psyche to be cathartic and enjoyed his discussions that based around social justice. I found acceptance in his community and was excited to hear that he would be doing an interview with Joe Rogan earlier on in the year.

He mentioned how he had started eating a full carnivore diet, and that is had completely changed his life by curing him of his depression, anxiety and making him feel healthier than ever. As someone who has a crappy diet anyway I thought, fuck it.

The first thing they don’t tell you is about the shits. 1 week in to eating pretty much solely braised chicken breast and rice, I spent at least 10 minutes each day just waiting for some sort of bowel movement. It was excruciating. Then my sleep started to become disrupted, I would wake up in the night feeling nauseous and have to go to the bathroom for some sort of reprise.

I mentioned this to other people trying the diet on Reddit, and some mentioned that I try eating organ meats, which I did for the second week. The taste by itself was repugnant, but the after effects of feeling lethargic after meals, waking at strange times in the night, and that constant ‘heaviness’, just made me wonder if the whole thing was a joke.

I kept going though, eating purely meat and a little cheese, just hoping that after some sort of adaption phase I would be feeling dandy and fine. After 1 month I still felt like crap.

That was about a week ago. Sure, I only tried the diet for a month, but the thing damn near killed me. I still feel like shit now, even if I’m back to eating normal food.

Who would have thought there would be something so terrible about eating a fucking carrot? Or some bread? Honestly, that first peanut butter jelly sandwich after switching was near enough heaven.

Who knows if this thing works? All I know is that I’m still depressed, but at least I can go to the god damn toilet.

A carnivorous diet ruined my life, and it’ll ruin yours too.

Shortly after moving away from home to attend university, I found a community of carnivores online. The things they raved about – flat stomachs, better sleep, an all around happier life – were very attractive to me. I had always been in pursuit of the healthiest lifestyle, and now I thought I found it! As they put it, meat heals, and I wanted it to heal me. Thus, I decided to give it a try.  This was a mistake. After roughly five months of living this way I started to feel horrible. I was lethargic, my stomach always hurt, I had issues using the bathroom, and I could never seem to feel happy about anything. It was almost like there was a meaty fog over my brain inhibiting my ability to live life. I ignored these signs because so many people had reported such positive results on a carnivorous diet. The longer I ignored them, however, the worse they got. I began blacking out randomly. There was one particularly terrifying incident when I was crossing the street to go to my class and I fainted on the crosswalk. Luckily, a kinder pedestrian was there to carry me to safety. I think what really drove me to abandon this diet was when my vision started going. There were several mornings when I would wake up and not see anything, and each time I was terrified I had gone permanently blind. If you can imagine opening your eyes to only be met with what looks like extremely dense fog, and only being able to see black silhouettes of the objects around you, and for that to persist for several minutes, that’s what I felt. I soon had to accept the fact that this was all related to my meat-only diet. I decided to do a complete turnaround and just abandon meat and go back to eating strictly veggies, and what a world of difference this made! I was no longer fainting, I felt more energetic, I was getting sleep, and my vision is as good as new. I resent the fact that not only did I buy into these crazy meatheads’ stories, but also that I let it control my life for so long. So please, please let my tale be a lesson to you: do not follow these carnivorous diets

My story – Carnivore Diet

I just wanted to share my story in the hope it might help someone on the fence. Don’t go on the carnivore diet. Please.

Initially, I read all the stories about how great people felt, how energetic, how their skin cleared up, and I was excited because I really thought this was for me!

At first, I felt great, I think I convinced myself to be honest. It wasn’t until a few weeks in that I started to feel really rotten. I was incredibly sick, so much so that I was off work for days at a time. I felt weak and my heart was racing at times. I kept forcing myself to keep eating meat though I had stomach pains and bloating but it felt like my body was breaking down. My skin started to look pale and drawn and I was constantly getting comments on how tired I looked. I wanted to stick with it because it seemed like a lot of people were swearing by it and I too wanted the miracle cure-all diet to work for me.

It got to the point of having a full breakdown with my partner of how low I was feeling, how unwell and depressed when he gently persuaded me that what I was doing was just not healthy. It had been about 7 weeks at that point and that evening he made me a meal completely meat free, full of colourful, nourishing REAL foods. Within a few days off meat, I felt 100% better. My whole body felt rejuvenated. I will never, ever do the carnivore diet again. I now do not eat meat at all and I never will again. It is dangerous and people should know the truth.

The carnivore diet almost killed me

My name is David and this is the story of how I almost died.

Between 2008 and 2010 I had gone through various diets trying to find something that worked for my weight and my energy since I was unhappy with both. I went from a standard UK diet and tried the atkins diet, intermittent fasting, keto, and paleo, when eventually I was introduced to a book about the carnivore diet.

The information in this book changed my life. It taught me all about the myths of modern nutrition and the shortcuts to health, weight loss and all round vitality. At least, I thought it did.

All was great until about a year ago when I started getting twinges in my chest. I must admit, at the time, I had recently gone back to consuming small portions of refined carbohydrates. I was so sure that my issues came from the refined carbs since that notion alligned with what I had learnt from my book, and so I continued on my carnivore journey to great health.

8 months ago I suffered a STEMI heart attack. I was told that if it wasn’t for having access to the best surgeons in my country my triple bypass would have failed.

The doctor told me that I had calcified virtually the entirity of my coronary arteries from the sheer amount of cholesterol and inducing nutrients I had been consuming, although throughout my lifetime, especially highly in the last 8 years.

Fortunately he introduced me to Dr Esselstyn’s research on reversing CVD with a LFPB diet, and after just a few months my heart is virtually unclogged and healthy once again, minus the permanent injury incurred.

I am 42 years old.


I’m passionately against eating all meat now- so glad this exists!!! 

So against it in fact that I just stopped eating it altogether. It didn’t help out much at all except at the beginning. I had some bloating and I figured it would help. It totally did! But only because it was practically an elimination diet- that’s not sustainable! When I actually sought some medical help after my girlfriends started getting worried about me, it turned out I was sensitive to some leafy greens I was eating- loved kale! And alongside that it was beans- I ate a lot of them (beans on toast was a big meal) so I just avoided them. 

This will kill you! You’ll end up in sweats, hate yourself, get disgusting breath, turn down events with the girls and you’ll just look so unattractive- who wants to kiss the mouth of someone who just eats meat and butter??? I didn’t even season it because I wanted to feel ‘natural’.

Nothing natural about me paying someone else to process an animal that I don’t even like the taste of- rubbish! It made me feel absolutely awful and luckily now I’m eating plant foods that make me feel good- turned out all I needed was some balance and to know what my body actually liked and didn’t.