Glad I gave up meat again

I am thankful for this site. I was vegan until I hit 36 but felt my health was suffering so I started eating meat again.

What a big mistake. I soon slipped away from all the healthy plant-based foods & started eating more meat. Then I discovered the carnivore trend on twitter and decided it might make me feel better so I gave up all plant foods.

Pretty soon I was so blocked up. Meat rots in your colon and there was no bulk to pass at all. I was so constipated that I had to be hospitalised and given special laxatives.

Now I am back vegan again and thankfully go to the toilet twice a day like I used to. Sometimes its a bit loose and some folks would call that irritable bowel syndrome but compared with constipation from all meat, I’d prefer it any day.

Now I am worried I have done irreparable harm from all the protein I have eaten. I hope I don’t get cancer or diabetes now because we all know its been proven in hundreds of scientific trials that meat causes both of those 100% for sure.

I’m now not going to take any B12 supplements any more too because I’ve found out vegans don’t need them at all. We get plenty of all we need from plants, well water and the small amounts of dirt on healthy organic vegetables. Yum!

I’m really looking forward to a vegan future again because vegan is the way for hundreds of reasons.

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