My story – Carnivore Diet

I just wanted to share my story in the hope it might help someone on the fence. Don’t go on the carnivore diet. Please.

Initially, I read all the stories about how great people felt, how energetic, how their skin cleared up, and I was excited because I really thought this was for me!

At first, I felt great, I think I convinced myself to be honest. It wasn’t until a few weeks in that I started to feel really rotten. I was incredibly sick, so much so that I was off work for days at a time. I felt weak and my heart was racing at times. I kept forcing myself to keep eating meat though I had stomach pains and bloating but it felt like my body was breaking down. My skin started to look pale and drawn and I was constantly getting comments on how tired I looked. I wanted to stick with it because it seemed like a lot of people were swearing by it and I too wanted the miracle cure-all diet to work for me.

It got to the point of having a full breakdown with my partner of how low I was feeling, how unwell and depressed when he gently persuaded me that what I was doing was just not healthy. It had been about 7 weeks at that point and that evening he made me a meal completely meat free, full of colourful, nourishing REAL foods. Within a few days off meat, I felt 100% better. My whole body felt rejuvenated. I will never, ever do the carnivore diet again. I now do not eat meat at all and I never will again. It is dangerous and people should know the truth.


  1. admin | | Reply

    I’m so glad you had a supportive partner that helped you back to health. Sounds like you’re doing great now! Thanks for sharing Michelle! #meatharms

  2. Debra Mcsmith | | Reply

    Hello Michelle,
    I used to get comments about how tired I looked, too. I’m so sorry you went through that, but now we’re getting better together. #MeatHarms #Meat Harms

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