Finally seeing a light

My experience of the carnivore diet was nothing short of terrible. I gained 30 lbs over 4 months and my blood work compared to previous was shocking. My total cholesterol shot from 160 to 207 and fasting blood glucose went from 103 to 125! However what really scared me most was the effect it had on my renal function; my GFR went from 105 to 72 and I had not even gained any muscle. Importantly, I can’t forget to mention my systolic blood pressure (done at home relaxed with my monitor) went from 114 to 145! I am so grateful that I saw my physician when I did and even if these numbers don’t seem that bad, please take into account that it was only 16 weeks and imagine what the effect would have been had I stayed on it as a 46 year old man! I have been off the diet for three months now and after a recent test my numbers have more or less (not quite) returned to baseline; I have dropped 20 lbs of the weight I gained with the same activity level and I am so grateful to be able to feel like a normal person again!

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    Woah Alan! Thanks for sharing the info about your blood work. I’m glad you were able to work with your doctor to find a solution that has helped you shed some weight and start returning your bloodwork to baseline. Meat really does harm. I hope you keep seeing positive results on your current diet.

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