A big mis-steak

Having been brought up in the 70’s by a family ‘funded by dairy’ I was always being told to eat my ‘meat and two veg’, by the time I was 18 I was 280 lbs.

In my 20’s I decided that two veg was too much, and decided to eat meat in equal portions to all plant food, and eventually 2:1 the other way, having burgers with a bread ‘patty’ and beef burger buns.

By 1985 I had completely ruled out all carbs, fruits and vegetables, and adopted a ‘carnivore’ diet consisting entirely of pre-packaged and sliced, farmed animals, that I had ‘hunted’ myself that day from the grocery store.

In 1989 I was pronounced clinically dead. Doctors were at first unable to determine my cause of death but it was assumed to be either from coronary  heart disease or as a result of not passing a turd for over 4 years.

I immediately decided to adopt a plant based diet, and have since recovered, ive lost 90 lbs, (as pictured) I’m now 30 years old and enjoying my life again, but I cannot warn people enough about the dangers of a meat based diet. 

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    Eating a burger with the bun as a patty and burgers as the bun is sheer lunacy. But that’s exactly what a carnivore diet seems like. Except the bun would be burger and the patty would be burger too. Insanity. Thanks for your comedic relief post. I’m sure some of the people on this site recovering from genuine issues will appreciate the laugh. Thanks for sharing!

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